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Answer key to last week's lyrical interlude+True Faith

1. The Freshman - Verve Pipe
2. Headlines - Midnight Star (My KY connection. See ya'll. I haven't lost touch with my inner hillbilly)
3. Mickey - Toni Basil
4. Club Limbo - Squirrel Nut Zippers
5. Celebration - Kool and the Gang
6. Girls just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
7. Funky Town - Pseudo Echo
8. It's Been - Jenny Paquette (I thought this was unfair since hoppie and I are the only one who've heard of her)
8a. Mr. Bellows - John (Cougar) Mellencamp
9. Someone in a Tree - Pacific Overtures (Broadway show)
10. The Flintstones - B52s
11. Mary Sue
12. Save it for Later - The English Beat
13. Skindiving - James
14. When It's Over - Loverboy
15. My Old Kentucky Home (yes, I have two versions of My Old Kentucky Home. They both came up on this random play.)
16. U Don't Have 2 Call - Usher
17. Mad About You - Belinda Carlise (I thought more people would get this one)
18. Boy for Sale - Oliver (Broadway soundtrack)
19. Underground - Men at Work
20. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol (and I thought this was a given since the lyric was the title of a post last week. Now I know how much you guys are reading... 8-) )

So I'm half asleep listening to Matty in the Morning today and he's interviewing this guy who's wife just had a baby. I didn't hear the whole story, but apparently a fertility doctor determined that his wife was inconceivable for reasons I never heard, and now they had a baby. The Miracle Baby! They named her Faith Victoria. And in this book that they read together everyday the word of today is "Faith!" See how it all connects?
It just makes me wonder what the word of the day was on the day she was born. Wouldn't that have been more relevant? I mean I believe in the power of faith. The human brain is capable of so much, and I'm happy that this couple has the child they want. And we all know barren women have hero children. And there's a line in psalms, "I will set the barren women up in her house as the mother of children" something like that. But, but, but. Something about this bothered me. He was talking about his baby was destined to be something special, to bring faith to others. I think there must have been something about his preacher saying they would have a baby? I don't know.
That reminds me of a Marquis deSade short story which I probably shouldn't repeat. The last line is "If anyone can open the celestial gates to paradise it is surely M. LeAbbe for I have never seen such a magnificent key." and that's probably more than enough on that subject.
Anyway, it was very confusing to me. The father said he thought the baby would lead people to delve deeper into their faith and their relationship, but it just causes me to delve into the questions of how sane are these people? I feel guilty about it, but it makes me feel the same way as the Florida hurricane/Rebbe (o'vs) story that happened when I was at Yeshiva. The secretary asked the Rebbe if the Floridian chassids should move to avoid the hurricane, and he kept ignoring the question. Finally, he made a sweeping hand gesture. (he'd already had the stroke that left him unable to speak by this point.) The hurricane did indeed touch down, but it veered on the path and the story made the rounds that the Rebbe had with a sweep his hand caused storm to move. (Oddly enough, I never heard that he was divinely inspired to point out the direction that the hurricane would take. It was always his doing. And people wondered why Lubavitcher beliefs turned me off. I grew up in the Bible belt, baby. I get enough of this at home. I wasn't born cynical, I just learn quickly.)
Anyway, I feel like an ass for questioning; like questioning denies faith. I never doubt the abilities of a true and loving G-d. I just question the conclusions people come to about the way He works concealed and revealed miracles in the world.

And of course now I have True Faith stuck in my head.
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