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Even Doogies get the blues

I did some Bop-libs Here. It was silly but fun enough for me to share.

My best friend Janice told me a muddy story about a dark tiger who lived inside of a plant. One day, she went outside to eat her breakfast of fried truffles and found herself face to face with a strange witch. The witch was not in a chilly mood and holding out a big sack, said to the tiger, 'GIVE ME YOUR truffles RIGHT NOW OR I'LL TURN YOU AND YOUR FRIEND Wayne into tissue boxes. Thinking quickly the tiger grabbed a stapler that happened to be nearby and dropped it into the open sack. The witch, not having very good eyesight, said THAT'S MORE LIKE IT, and turning around, she fell off on her speedy frame, never to be seen again.

I'm sure I had more to say, but I forgot about it. Alas.
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