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You people suck

First (leftover from yesterday) MLB for the spiderman bases. I know they've relented now, but to think they even agreed to such a thing for a minute is revolting. And It's not because I'm a purest and I respect the game because I've accepted abominations such as astroturf, the designated hitter, and that bogus system they use to rate the competency of umpires which doesn't work, but because it's just revolting. I know the the players want to whore their uniforms for additional endorcement dollars too. Get over yourselves, guys. You don't need to rape the system for more. If you're going to whine about not having money, do it when you're in still in A ball and you're actually not getting paid decently. The majority of Americans who work all year around for significantly less than you get for your March- (hopefully) October season are really not particularly sympathetic. Oh yeah, and it's because we hate minorities. Get over yourselves.
Okay, that was about 20% harsher and 50% more digressing than I intended.
I shall continue:
Internal support. I know I'm supposed to love you because we're all intelligent, rational, thinking people, and because my ever-lovin' husband is one of you (in the general sense of the word), but the next time you fucking reboot my system to upgrade it without my knowledge or consent, I will be stopping by to say hello personally with my Lousiville Slugger. Yes, I know the machine was idle. I was in a meeting. Yes, I know it was after 5. I was in a meeting! I was not particuarly happy about being in the meeting, but I was even less happy to return to a spontaneously rebooted system. If you must do it, at least save the open documents. k'thanx. Bastards. Also, if you're going to upgrade my machine, you might also mention that fact that it completely breaks NFS. The NFS client must them be REMOVED and reinstalled. Now I admit it's not totally your responsibility to know that NFS breaks. Our genius cc admin could have sent out a message at any time saying "IT is spontaneously upgrading people's machine. If your machine is upgraded and you find that you can no longer access CC, here's what you do..." instead he's been letting everyone approach him individually and handling it. You sir, also suck. I'd also be interested in knowing if there's a way to install the service pack without breaking NFS and if you could kick that information back to IT, I think everyone would be happier. Except me, because I've already suffered through this.
Snapfish: I don't think burying the fact that it takes two weeks to create a photogift deep within your "help" system on your obscenely slow servers in any way covers your ass when I'm trying to figure out why my stuff hasn't shipped yet. I think it would be much more appropriate if you put something on the shipping page during the order process that says, "this product can take up to x time to ship. Do you still want it?" Okay, maybe not in those words, but I think it's disingenuous at best. I wouldn't expect to get any further orders from me if I were you.
Damnit. I forgot to mail my shopping list!
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