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Leftover from Friday

There was one more rant I had forgotten about by the time it came to writing up my Friday rants, but as I was remembered of it again on Sunday, let me post on it.
People who park in unsafe locations to be closer to a whatever (although I'm specifically thinking of Bank ATMs) instead of in parking spaces set aside for, you know, parking, suck. I know you think you're just going to be a minute, but your minute is never as short as it needs to be. Instead you create an unsafe driving environment for everyone around you. Walk the extra 15 feet. It won't kill you, and I might. I shouldn't have to take tight turns around corners because you're too blessed important to park in a parking spot. That's only for peons like me. There's a reason there's no parking spots there. Honest.

Also, (and unrelated) lena_a_mermaid, please let me know if there's anything I can do.
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