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Nothing happened in sector 12

I have this great desire to speak, but I have nothing to say.

But Kai, you'll be the last to die,
And there is something else I see,
The Shadow's Order will be destoyed,
At the hands of the last Brunen G.

I'm asking you "Is this how you want me?
To be anything you want me to be."
I'm asking you, "Is this how you see me?
Some little girl kissing your cheek."

It's too bad and it's too late,
Was it such a big mistake?
And you don't call me anymore.
And I still miss you.

I said, "Stay" but you turned away,
Tried to say that it was me,
Now I'm here, but I've lost my way,
Now I know how it feels.

I call you on the phone,
But never get a rise,
So sit there all alone,
It's time you realize,
I'm not your fool.
...I scream my heart out,
Just to make a dime,
And with that dime, I bought your love,
But now I've changed my mind.

A time for all, and all in time,
A step beyond the borderline,
Of who we are, and where we long to be.
When every night we hear the sound,
Of waking up and breaking down.
You find a chance, and heave it all away.

I'm falling down a spiral, destination unknown,
A double-crossed messenger, all alone.
I can't get no connection, can't get through, where are you?
Well, the night weighs heavy on his guilty mind,
This far from the borderline,
and when the hit man comes,
he knows damn well he has been cheated.

Looking counter-clockwise,
Knowing what could happen,
Any moment, maybe you, maybe you, maybe even you.

I hear her call, "Sweet dreams,"
But I forget how to dream.

Now as the sweet imbecilites tumble so lavishly onto her lap,
Now there are two possiblities, a) I could ravish her, b) I could nap.
Say it's the ravishment then we see the option that follows of course,
a) the deployment of charm or b) the adoption of physical force.
Now b) might arouse her, but if I assume,
I trip on my trousers when crossing the room.
Her hair getting tangled, her stayed getting snapped,
My nerves will be jangled, my energy sapped,
Removing her clothing could take me all day,
And her subsequent loathing would turn me away,
Which eliminates b) and which leave us with a).

Wasn't that fun. Just like high school, but no folder.
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