awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Things I shouldn't talk about

I keep telling myself that I won't talk about this, and I was doing a tolerable job. I won't name names, I think we all will recognize what I'm saying once I get into it. The Bible commentaries ask a question about a verse in Exodus. The verse says that the Egyptians were punished along with their slaves and their households, and the commentaries ask why the slaves? Why not just the masters? The slaves never had the option to refuse to abuse the Hebrew slaves, why should they punished?
And the commentaries answer, "because they enjoyed it." They weren't just following orders, they were reveling in them. Sir Richard Burton (the explorer type) said that the desire of a slave is not to be free, but to have his own slave. Even if we believed carrying out inhumane orders was acceptable, (which I don't), it is certainly unacceptable to delight in their execution. And that's why the response must be swift and severe. In a time of war, brutality may be necessary, even desirable, but the joy in other's suffering can't be permitted to gain accendency in the heart or mind. I see the joy in them, and I find it utterly repulsive.
[Brian: Well cook on me then!]
Tags: rant

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