awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

A collection of (spam) oddities

So I wasn't going to buy anything, but Meranda talked me into getting a Spam shirt for myself when I bought hoppie a replacement 2001 A Spam Odyssey. I got the Statue of Spamity.

I'm compiling a list of menstrual triggers:
  • Getting on airplane.

  • Scheduling sex.

  • Going to a party.

  • Going on a job interview.

  • First day at a new job.

This could be like Family Feud. And the number one most common trigger for the menstrual period is...

And on the subject of "Your Kung Fu is best." which alert readers will recognize as a quote from The X-Files. Hoppie correctly identified Mr. Murray as Kwai Chang Caine's son Peter from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Chris Potter is the name of the actor. And may I just say, that's he's still a hottie. I was wondering about the possiblilty of turning the Calvin into another Frank Longbottom pb. Char, what do you think?
Tags: shopping, thoughts, tmi

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