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New client and apple cider in all forms

So I'm trying the LochJournal livejournal client. So far, it seems pretty nifty, although this is my first post attempt. I'm hoping to use it to help me tell the difference between Frank and Marci on a more primal level. What are people using for livejournal clients. I know jtn and kyzoku both use unix clients. What about the rest of you? What features do you like in yours. (no, poll, just informal clients, although snagglepuss2, if you feel the need to poll on this, I'd be interested in the results.

Yesterday we went to West Country Winery to restock the apple cider vinegar. We also picked up some ciders, an apple I've never had before called Braeburn, and farm fresh tomatoes! Not enough for my all time favorite summer treat, gazpacho soup, but still, very nice. I wonder if I can clean up the kitchen nice and pretty for my parents so I can make a nice meal. I picked up the vinegar to make my favorite barbeque sauce. Maybe something with barbeque ribs? Probably too ambitious given my work schedule.

Oh cool! This client will detect what music you're listening to on winamp and insert it for music if you ask it to.
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