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Credit where credit isn't due.

So I talked to my parents last night. They love the coasters. Mom kept telling me how proud and impressed she was by them. She said, "I can tell it took a lot of work and thinking." She's right on the thinking, I wracked my brains for weeks trying think of the perfect mother's day gift, or failing that, a decent one. And then when I found the coasters, I kept thinking, is it really our place to give this? It isn't our kid after all. It's sort of a parent gift. I'm still agonizing over it and it's given already. And my mom loves it. She says dad took them to work yesterday and she's been showing them off too. Whew. And it's not really the sort of gift any of our siblings would give our parents. Hoppie and I are like our siblings in many respects, but where he and I connect, our siblings don't. It sounds odd. I mean I have things in common with his siblings and mine, but they're not the same things hoppie and I have in common. It's nice because it means we can come close to our sibs with presents, but we're never quite the same. Anyway, I feel like a hyprocrite when I accept her gushing praise. I don't really know why. It's deserved. Isn't it?
I want a vibrating wrist strap for my telephone. Something that I can wear when I'm at my desk that will tell me that my phone is ringing. A ringer, you suggest. Doesn't bother me. I play my music too loud. A flashing light, maybe, but not the LED that's on my phone. I never look at my phone. It's uninteresting in appearance. If you design and build such a device, I would charge no royalties, I would only ask that you keep me supplied with it. Thank you. (Electroshock wrist straps need not apply)
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