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You want me to teach you what?

So I get off the phone with Meranda. (You remember Meranda right?) They don't have the statue of spamerty in my size (which thinking about it, I do remember that.) was I interested in something else? So I'm looking through the website and we're chatting, and she says something about how cookbook is one of their featured items, and I said, "Oh cookbook! Do you still have any?"
She allows as how she thinks so, and asks me if I want one of those. And I say yes, and hang up.
After I hung up it occurs to me what I've ordered.
A Spam cookbook.
A cookbook of recipes of Spam.
In my Kosher home.
Spam. Cookbook. Spam.
And entirely unrelated to spam or Kosher. I met lain_mac for lunch today. She caught me up on the trip and showed me pictures of the kids. I caught her up on office stuff, although I completely forgot to pass along that restaurant recommendation from Mahesh or the invitation from Joe. (I miss Joe.) Must remember to do that tomorrow.
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